Parallel Justice For Victims of Crime

Parallel Justice For Victims of Crime

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Civil justice for victims of crime


Why would you want to file a civil suit?

In many cases, victims want more than what the criminal justice system offers.  This might include wanting a landlord to take extra security measures, having a perpetrator pay for bills they weren’t ordered to pay by the criminal judge, and other solutions that are beyond the scope of the criminal justice system to provide.  In these cases, a civil case (what we commonly call a lawsuit) is one way to go. 

Paying for a civil case: Civil cases are often taken by attorneys on a “contingency basis.” This means you don’t pay the attorney unless they win money from the defendant for you, and then they take a percentage of that judgment.

Getting more information:The National Center for Victims of Crime can provide you with more information in a terrific booklet called Civil Justice for Victims of Crime.  Click on the link to see ththe online version, or just contact us and we would be happy to send you a copy.