Parallel Justice For Victims of Crime

Parallel Justice For Victims of Crime

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Donate money to the victims' fund




One of the most powerful resources that Parallel Justice has in helping victims of crime is the victims fund. This money allows us to meet victims' needs quickly and to be flexible in what we can offer. 100% of all donations go directly towards helping someone secure their basic safety needs. These needs include shelter, food, transportation and other basic necessities.

Some recent examples included installing a locking gas cap on a victim's car to prevent repeat victimization; purchasing motion-sensing lights to put in a parking area; helping a victim of bike vandalism replace the baskets that allowed them to get back and forth to work and the grocery store.

Donations are tax-deductible and if there are specific kinds of cases you would like to earmark your donation to assist with, we would be happy to explore those possibilities with you.

If you know of a foundation, business or individual we should connect with, or would like us to come speak to your program about what we do, please contact Rain at or call her at (802) 264-0764.