Parallel Justice For Victims of Crime

Parallel Justice For Victims of Crime

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Parallel Justice is a joint project of:

Burlington Community Justice Center - one of the three partner organizations that support the Parallel Justice program, the CJC is a community resource for dealing with crime and conflict in the community. The Burlington CJC is a part of CEDO.

Burlington Police Department - our local police department is a partner in supporting Parallel justice as well.

Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services - this state-wide agency administers both the restitution and victims compensation programs.

Other resources:

HOPE Works - helping victims of sexual violence in Chittenden County

Women Helping Battered Women - helping victims of domestic violence in Chittenden County

Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence - supporting victims of sexual and domestic violence throughout Vermont, this "umbrella" network can provide a referral to your local support organization if you live outside of Chitenden County.

RU12? and SafeSpace - Safe Space is a program dedicated to ending violence against our LGBTQQ neighbors and supporting LGBTQQ victims affected by crime. It is part of the RU12 Community Center.

Vermont 211 - A live operator or the website can help you get information about all the different agencies and resources in Vermont that are available to help with any situation.

State's Attorney Victim Advocates - If a perpetrator is caught and prosectuted, a Victim Vdvocate in the State's Attorney's office in that county is available to help victims navigate the criminal court process.

Vermont Automated Notification System - This automated system notifies people who register by phone or email with up-to-date information about accused and convicted offenders. This includes info about whether an offender is in custody (jail or prision) or being supervised by the Department of Corrections while living in the community.

Vermont Department of Corrections - The DOC has a variety of resources and programs to assist and inform victims of crime while an offender is under supervision.

National Center for Victims of Crime - this national organization has a wealth of resources for crime victims and those who work with them.